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The real reason behind World War One
With the recent passing of "Remembrance Day" I believe it is necessary to reveal the real reason behind the Great War, so great that it was later declared to be the "First World War." I bet you probably thought that the reason the war started was because of the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip? But actually I will reveal the real reason behind the greatest war of attrition in history, which the global elite have tried to cover up. I am about to drop a bomb shell...
Railways. Everybody was building railways across their territories. Railways were the great technology of those times, there was great power in owning, managing and running trains when motorcars and air travel were in their infancy. Locomotive was the fastest overland transport for both passenger and freight. The Germans had a plan to build a railway from Berlin to Baghdad. The Baghdad Railway would connect Berlin and other major cities in Europe with a Constantinople-
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All American Hero: Hitler
The all American hero.
Have I got a story for you. Here is the story of an all American hero who saved the nation of America in its darkest hour…. Adolf Hitler. Let me explain. In about 1943 German biologists who were supposed to help the war effort were getting a bit uneasy. At this point Germany has three major super powers against it (Soviet Union, England, USA), Italy just had the shit kicked out of it in Africa and Il Duce’s not looking so good and they were rightfully getting a little worried. However these guys still had numerous caches of poison gas left over from WW1 that was just going to waste. Not only that but they were toying around of the possibility of also infusing bombs with various diseases such as anthrax, and typhoid. Their reasoning was that they could handle dealing with two superpowers but three was just too much. They wanted to use bioweapons and hazards to terrorize the American population and force America to pull out of the war entirely. O
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Throughout time and ages, enemy propagandist/foe uses a number of rhetorical techniques and methods to trick, mislead and to confuse their enemies and audience.

These techniques have proven their worth and effectiveness numerous times and it is still used today. And with the massive grip of the controlled mass media around the world today, these techniques have become even more effective on the entranced world audience.

This small list shows the basic common tactics used by the foe in their efforts to attack, disrupt, confuse or to mislead their audience and/or their enemies particularly.

This is perhaps to be the most common and widely used tactic used by our numerous enemies today.

Strawman is a logical fallacy based on the fiction falsely attributed to the National Socialist/Aryanist sources. In simple layman terms, LIES!


National Socialism aspires to create a class cooperative and racially stable society where nation and its people work as one to achieve a common goal.

The Nazi's are evil hate-filled racist capitalists that wanted to enslave the workers and everyone else in the nation in order to kill and enslave all non Aryans in the rest of the world.

Another favorite rhetoric used by the foe. The word is Latin for "It does not follow". Non-Sequitor is a logical fallacy that does not follow the premise of the argument of the subject.


It is very wrong to imprison an 87 year old woman for doubting the official narrative of the history!

The society is constantly under attack by hate filled extremists who hates all of our freedoms! She doesn’t believe in the Holocaust anyway which means she is a hate filled bigot that wanted to kill all the Jews!

The above quote is a good example of a non-sequitor argument. If the foe is engaged in this rhetoric, it is pointless to continue the debate or respond any further because he/she is already in error. The only thing we can do is point their argument is a non-sequitor and that’s that.

Always keep in mind that any attempt to continue a non-sequitor argument will only lead to even further logical traps and fallacies set by the enemy leaving you in a very vulnerable situation. So tread carefully.

The Latin word for “To the man” or “To the person”.

Ad-Hominem argument is logical fallacy which an argument or subject is rebutted by attacking the character, personality, beliefs, or any personal characteristics of the Aryanist/National-Socialist instead of dealing with the subject itself. In other words, good old insults…

If the foe is engaged in this illogical fallacy then it is pointless to continue the debate/conversation and the foe loses the any right to respond any further.

The fallacy known as Babel is the deliberate confusion of language and terminology used by the Aryanist/National Socialists by the enemy.

You see, the Aryanist/National Socialists have agreed to certain terms of language and terminology allowing us to communicate each other properly. The foe will try to confuse them or render them irrelevant by not applying them.

Whether intentional or unintentional, the Aryan cannot properly answer the subject unless proper terminology and terms are applied and/or used.

Subject Switching/Red Herring:
Another favorite tactic by the enemy is changing the subject or in other words, in simple terms: talking something else.

The purpose of this rhetoric is to prevent any conclusion or any logical resolution by changing the subject or distracting you with irrelevant topics/subjects in order to disrupt the flow of the conversation or subject.

In this way, the foe can control and direct the flow of the information under their terms leaving us in a very vulnerable situation.

When a Hijacker successfully hijacks a conversation or subject, he/she then disrupts the said subject/conversation by changing the flow of the subject in their own terms. When someone tries to return to the original subject, he/she will then defend their motive of changing the subject humorously or aggressively. Preventing any attempt to return to the original subject properly.

The purpose of this propaganda method is to disrupt any logical conclusions and/or resolution by the agreeing parties by the enemy.

Dead Weight/Time Wasting:
Another typical foe method…

There are many variants of this rhetoric ranging from seemingly innocent and subtle (like keeping asking for more questions) to downright mundane and vulgar (like insults... As usual). But main essence will always remains the same…

Whether it is intentional (by the foe) or unintentional (usually by the ignorant plebeians), the purpose of a Dead Weight is just to simply waste the time and energy of any active Aryanist/National-Socialist.

Appeal to the Authority:
One of the favorite tactics of the enemy against their foes and hated enemies is by discrediting and/or invalidating their argument by the appealing to the authority.


Why should I believe you? You are not qualified engineer blah, blah, blah, blah…

Remember this important fact in your head; the entire principles that make up our world that we currently live today (especially our current legal system) are based on fallacy…
There is no professional lawyer, teacher, writer, scholar, judge, politician, priest, monarch, etc. have any right or power over you. In the true authentic legal system, you can only be judged by your own peers. Nothing more, nothing else.

Suspension of Disbelief
Another favorite common rhetoric tactic used by the foe. Rather than using cold hard data to back up his/her subject, the foe instead manipulates or simply takes advantage the feelings and emotions of the audience or the debater in order to validate his/her argument. In short, an appeal to emotions.

The word for "to hide and conceal ones motive" as well as the word for feigning hypocrisy.

Dissimulation is when the foe tries to combines or have combined two or more dissimilar and contradicting ideas and presenting them as equally true... This rhetoric is either used for propaganda purposes to advance their usually nefarious motives or the foe is just simply feigning mental complications or maybe even both...

And this concludes our Rhetoric for Propagandist page.

By understanding these simple basic methods of the enemy, not only we can avoid any casualties in the future but we will also avoid any unintentional friendly fire as well as exposing any hidden agenda of any potential foes in the future.

Always remember, Seig Heil and Hail Hitler 卐


[EDIT: 10/11/16]

Well, that took longer than I expected. But I've finally done it! After a few months of writers block and lack of inspiration, It is finally finished!

While I am fully aware that I might have overlook and missed some important info and details there and there, but that is a problem for another time. This is the first time I have done something like this so cut me some slack!

By the way, if there is something that you would like to add or something to point out, then you are feel free to ask questions! :)

[EDIT: 02/08/17]

Added "Suspension of Disbelief" and "Dissimulation" in the Rhetorics page and made some minor text adjustment.
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The Last Reich Headquarters

It has been more than 70 years since the Second World War and the destruction of the great volk as a whole.

Our leaders have died in the fires of war or have been captured by the enemy and executed, or even fled and scattered into the very far reaching corners of the earth.

Alone, scattered, abandoned by the rest of the world. Suppressed and hunted down by our ruling degenerate Judaic "elites" and the brain-dead masses who follow and obey whatever their masters tell them.

Yet despite all the impossible odds and everything that happened to us, we live on, continue the fight and even inspire new generations of men and women to continue the titanic struggle against the ruling Judaic darkness that has conquered and enslaved this blasted place we call home...

We may have lost during the Ragnarök of 1933-1945 but we still continue to fight on!

Are you willing to join the fight or not?
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someone1fy Featured By Owner Edited Mar 2, 2017
Hello, guys? I read some rumor about Hitler wrote a letter to Rothschild (or you may consider it as internation Jews) to allow the Jews in Europe to settle in America few days ago but I really wonder that it is for real?
Der-Himmelstern Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Link us the presumed letter or article that talks about it.
someone1fy Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Well, I just saw it in my country's website and believed that you guys might know something about it.
Der-Himmelstern Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Show me the website page please,
and I will translate it myself.
(1 Reply)
RealHistory Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All rumors of NSDAP - Zionist co-operation are false. Rothschild wouldn't have given two fucks about masses of sub-Jews in the Third Reich. All Hitler could to was quarantine them in work camps as international law told you to do in such a situation. The few Elite Jews were either already captured and executed by the Gestapo or they would have fled in advance.
someone1fy Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
I see. That's interesting.
The-Mad-Walker Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn... It it appears I have forgotten about the Dresden Holocaust...

Anyway, regardless of my horrible memory, we will always remember that horrible event as well as many many MANY countless crimes made by the "All-Lies" on the behalf of their filthy Judaic masters... In which of course they tried to hide over the years while at the same time shoving bullshit fake atrocities like the "Holohoax" and many others down to our throats...

One day, the so called "Allies" and all their supporters will pay in full blood for all the crimes they have done through out the ages...

Remember Dresden, Remember the firebombing of Germany and Japan, Remember the Red Army Barbarity and remember all of their atrocities they have committed...

Hail Hitler! Hail the Eternal Reich! Hail the true heroes of WWII! And Zion delenda est!
tentacledork Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
degenerate activities or behaviour? examples? Suffer immensly 
RealHistory Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1) everything British
2) everything masonic
(i.e the masonic British tradition of child abuse)
Der-Himmelstern Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017
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